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Welcome to using LLVM/clang on the BG/Q

ANL Early Access

If you have access to ANL's early access development systems, please also see (for usage details): LLVM on the BG/Q Early-Access Wiki

Repository Information

I have yet to figure out how to best mirror my local repositories locally. Here's why:

  • LLVM uses subversion, and I've been using git-svn to manage local BG/Q changes.
  • git-svn uses rebasing to apply local changes on top of upstream changes; this amounts to history rewriting (dangerous but effective). I cannot simply push from the git-svn-managed repository to the public one because doing so would confuse copies cloned from the public version.
  • LLVM uses separate repositories for LLVM and clang, it is not clear how to best combine them into one public repository.

Thus, for the time being, we'll just need to use patches. Maybe I should push into separate (new) branches every time I commit? I'm certainly open to suggestions.



Note: date tag on the clang patch regressed compared to previous version because upstream commits rendered later local changes irrelevant.