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    1 = Welcome to using LLVM/clang on the BG/Q  = 
     1= bgclang (LLVM/clang on the BG/Q)  = 
    33== ANL Vesta, Mira and Cetus == 
    1010to have the corresponding MPI wrappers added to your path. 
    12 For the benefit of those without access, a copy of the bgclang wrapper script is available in the latest archive. For use on other systems, you'll need to change some of the paths, but this will let you see what optimization settings are used by default. You should symlink this to bgclang++ and bgclang++11 to create the C++ wrappers. 
    14 Similarly, the archive contains the MPI wrapper scripts (modified from the corresponding gcc wrapper scripts). 
    16 If you're using these patches, please subscribe to the mailing list: [] 
     12== Other BG/Q systems == 
     14If your system administrators have not been kind enough to install bgclang on your system, you can either direct them to this page, or install the distribution yourself. RPMs are provided (see below), and these are *relocatable* RPMs, meaning that they can be installed by a non-root user in any directory. 
     16Please note that, if you wish to use dynamic linking (which you must do when certain features, like address sanitizer, are enabled), you must install bgclang in a directory that is mounted from the compute nodes (read-only is sufficient). 
     18== MPI and other wrappers == 
     20On an ALCF system (or any other system with a similar setup), the MPI wrapper scripts and other related programs can be easily added to your PATH (see the description of the ALCF softenv keys above). These wrappers are: 
     23  mpicc - The MPI C99 compiler 
     24  mpic++ and mpicxx - The MPI C++03 compiler 
     25  mpic++11 and mpicxx11 - The MPI C++11 compiler 
     28For those managing their own installs, note that these are located in the PREFIX/mpi/{bgclang,bgclang.legacy}/bin directories. To use bgclang without using the MPI wrappers: 
     31  bgclang - The C99 compiler 
     32  bgclang++ - The C++03 compiler 
     33  bgclang++11 - The C++11 compiler 
     36For those managing their own installs, note that these are located in the PREFIX/wbin directory. 
     38If you're using bgclang, please subscribe to the mailing list: [] 
    1840== Repository Information ==