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ALCF BI Trac Ticket System

The ALCF BI Team uses this trac system to manage bug and feature requests for BI systems including (but not limited to)

If you have support issues or questions, please email alcf-bi@…

To enter a new ticket

  • Login using your MCS credentials (ie. not your crypto card)
  • Click on New Ticket in the menu bar or click here New Ticket
  • Description:
    • if you are reporting a defect, please include steps needed to recreate the problem.
    • If applicable, please include the name of the browser software or email software where you see the problem.
    • Version: if the version is known, put it in the Description. Versions for web pages will appear at the bottom of the web page starting with v. example. v.3.01
    • web reports, specify whether this ticket applies to the DOE web reports or internal.
  • Type: choose defect or enhancement
  • Priority: choose one. After it is reviewed the BI Team might change the priority.
  • Component: Choose a Component, if one does not fit your needs, choose Other and the BI Team will create a new Component for the ticket.
  • Keywords: optional
  • CC: ignore
  • Assign to: ignore